An Electronic Translation of the LIWC Dictionary into Dutch

Leon van Wissen, P. Boot

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LIWC (Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count) is a text analysis tool developed by social psychologists but now widely used outside of psychology. The tool counts words in certain categories, as defined in an accompanying (English-language) dictionary. The most recent version of the dictionary was published in 2015. We present a pipeline for the automatic translation of LIWC dictionaries into Dutch. We first make an automated translation of the LIWC 2007 version and compare it to the manually translated version of this dictionary. Then we use the pipeline to translate the LIWC 2015 dictionary. We also present the provisional Dutch LIWC 2015 dictionary that results from the pipeline. Although a number of categories require further work, the dictionary should be usable for most research purposes.
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StatusGepubliceerd - sep 2017


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