And what became of the (ISO)cat?

Ineke Schuurman, M. Windhouwer, M. Kemps-Snijders, D. Broeder

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Since the end of last year, the CLARIN community no longer uses ISOcat as data category registry. The reason? ISOcaty was considered to be too complex, asking for more data than necessary for our purposes, and it was an open registry, one of the consequences being a proliferation of data.

ISOcat does still exist, and ISO TC37 is planning the next DCR generation. But at the Meertens Institute (Amsterdam), the CLARIN Concept Registry (CCR) has been built, suited to our (CLARIN) needs.

The ISOcat entries we need as the CLARIN community are exported into the CCR, where they show up in a modified, i.e., simplified, way. Exported are at least all DCs related to CMDI, plus those the national CLARIN groups wanted to be included as they are relevenant for their work.
New entries can be added, but in a more controlled way: everybody has read-access, but only the national CCR coordinators can insert new entries, meaning that (proposals for) new entries should be passed on to them. This way we want CCR to become a registry with high-quality content.

The cat's used up one of its lives, we're looking forward to its next CLARIN life.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 05 feb. 2015
EvenementCLIN25 - Antwerp, België
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