ARIADNE D3.1 Initial report on policies and strategies

H.S. Hollander, Holly Wright, Kieron Niven, Paola Ronzino, Sara Di Giorgio, P.K. Doorn

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As a follow up on the initial ARIADNE project, the overall objective of ARIADNEplus is to serve archaeological researchers and data management communities by proceeding to improve data sharing and the (re)use of data resources, which are dispersed through Europe and often difficult to discover and access as different silos (institutional, national or disciplinary) still exist.

The objective of this report is to:
• Support the creation of FAIR data in the archaeological sector
• Define and spread guidelines to good practices in archaeological data management
• Adapt standard quality criteria for datasets and data to the archaeological case, and support their implementation among users.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 24 jun. 2020


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