Athelia rolfsii (= Sclerotium rolfsii) infects banana in the Philippines

Bienvenido D. Acabal, Teresita U. Dalisay, Johannes Z. Groenewald, Pedro W. Crous, Christian Joseph R. Cumagun

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We surveyed eight banana farms planted with cultivar ``Lakatan'' in Central Visayas, Philippines, for fungal diseases in 2014. A rotting disease on the corm and leaf sheaths, splitting of the pseudostem and yellowing of the leaves were observed only in Toledo City, Cebu province. These symptoms were associated with sclerotial bodies and mycelial growth. The causal organism was identified by morphology and ITS sequence as Athelia rolfsii (= Sclerotium rolfsii) which is the first report of this fungal pathogen on banana from the Philippines.
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TijdschriftAustralasian Plant Disease Notes
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StatusGepubliceerd - dec. 2019


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