Bandoniozyma gen. nov., a Genus of Fermentative and Non-Fermentative Tremellaceous Yeast Species

P. Valente, T. Boekhout, M.F. Landell, J. Crestani, F.C. Pagnocca, L.D. Sette, M.R.Z. Passarini, C.A. Rosa, L.R. Brandão, R.S. Pimenta, J.R.A. Ribeiro, K.M. Garcia, C.-F. Lee, S.-O. Suh, G. Péter, D. Dlauchy, J.W. Fell, G. Scorzetti, B. Theelen, M.H. Vainstein

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    Independent surveys across the globe led to the proposal of a new basidiomycetous yeast genus within the Bulleromyces clade of the Tremellales, Bandoniozyma gen. nov., with seven new species. The species were characterized by multiple methods, including the analysis of D1/D2 and ITS nucleotide sequences, and morphological and physiological/biochemical traits. Most species can ferment glucose, which is an unusual trait among basidiomycetous yeasts. In this study we propose the new yeast genus Bandoniozyma, with seven species Bandoniozyma noutii sp. nov. (type species of genus; CBS 8364T ?=? DBVPG 4489T), Bandoniozyma aquatica sp. nov. (UFMG-DH4.20T ?=? CBS 12527T ?=? ATCC MYA-4876T), Bandoniozyma complexa sp. nov. (CBS 11570T ?=? ATCC MYA-4603T ?=? MA28aT), Bandoniozyma fermentans sp. nov. (CBS 12399T ?=? NU7M71T ?=? BCRC 23267T), Bandoniozyma glucofermentans sp. nov. (CBS 10381T ?=? NRRL Y-48076T ?=? ATCC MYA-4760T ?=? BG 02-7-15-015A-1-1
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    TijdschriftPLoS One
    Nummer van het tijdschrift10
    StatusGepubliceerd - 2012


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