Banking brain tissue for research

Natasja Klioueva, Jasper Bovenberg, I. Huitinga

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Well-characterized human brain tissue is crucial for scientific breakthroughs in research of the human brain and brain diseases. However, the collection, characterization, management, and accessibility of brain human tissue are rather complex. Well-characterized human brain tissue is often provided from private, sometimes small, brain tissue collections by (neuro)pathologic experts. However, to meet the increasing demand for human brain tissue from the scientific community, many professional brain-banking activities aiming at both neurologic and psychiatric diseases as well as healthy controls are currently being initiated worldwide. Professional biobanks are open-access and in many cases run donor programs. They are therefore costly and need effective business plans to guarantee long-term sustainability. Here we discuss the ethical, legal, managerial, and financial aspects of professional brain banks.

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TijdschriftHandbook of Clinical Neurology
StatusGepubliceerd - 2017


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