Bibliometric-enhanced information retrieval

Philipp Mayr, Andrea Scharnhorst, Birger Larsen, Philipp Schaer, Peter Mutschke

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Bibliometric techniques are not yet widely used to enhance retrieval processes in digital libraries, although they offer value-added effects for users. In this workshop we will explore how statistical modelling of scholarship, such as Bradfordizing or network analysis of coauthorship network, can improve re-trieval services for specific communities, as well as for large, cross-domain col-lections. This workshop aims to raise awareness of the missing link between in-formation retrieval (IR) and bibliometrics/scientometrics and to create a com-mon ground for the incorporation of bibliometric-enhanced services into re-trieval at the digital library interface.
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TitelBibliometric-enhanced information retrieval
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014

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