Braunomyces dictyosporus gen. sp. nov. from Vietnam

Vadim A Mel'nik, Pedro W Crous

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    The generic name Braunomyces (ascomycetes, asexual morph), with B. dictyosporus as type species, is described, illustrated and discussed, based on material collected in Vietnam on leaf debris of an unidentified broadleaved tree. The new genus is well characterised and quite distinct from other synnematous and non-synnematous dematiaceous hyphomycete genera by its unique combination of traits, viz. determinate synnematous conidiomata, integrated, terminal and intercalary conidiogenous cells with one to several conidiogenous vesicles becoming cupulate with age, tretic conidiogenesis, and mostly cruciately septate, solitary dictyoconidia.

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    TijdschriftIMA Fungus
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    StatusGepubliceerd - jun. 2014


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