Building and Deploying a Classification Schema using Open Standards and Technology

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This tutorial offers a full introduction to Building and Deploying a Classification schema using Open Standards and Technology. Beyond accessing the command line, no prior knowledge is assumed as all the steps are described in detail. However, the tutorial will take you through some more complex technical steps. In order to profit best from the example workflows of the last chapter, it is good if you have some idea of how to work with OpenRefine and/or to have a TEI Publisher server set up to play around with. With this tutorial, you ‑ the reader ‑ should gain an understanding of: ‑ what different classification schemes can contribute to your project, ‑ what to pay attention to when building a classification scheme, ‑ how to code the classification scheme (in SKOS), ‑ how to publish the classification scheme (on GitHub pages), ‑ what some possible scenarios of using classifications schemes in actual project workflows are.
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