Capability Maturity & Community Engagement Design Statement

Hervé L'Hours, Angus Whyte, Marjan Grootveld, Ilona von Stein, de Jerry Vries

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This paper proposes a design approach to evaluating capability in particular areas of focus within an entity, and the level of adoption, practice and collaboration displayed related to policy, and standardisation. Understanding our levels of capability in particular areas and how these contribute to overall maturity allows us to understand our current status and to identify and invest in areas where we want to improve and monitor our progress. This applies to both self-assessment and external evaluation. The approach can be adjusted to address a range of entities including organisations, parts of organisations and component services. It should be possible to apply these approaches to repositories and other organisations providing data infrastructure (RDI) and also to organisations providing funding (RFO) or performing research (RPO). In addition to existing capability and maturity models there are several under development or review within the EOSC and trustworthy digital repository (TDR) space. The model designers need the freedom to develop and evolve independently, but recognize the risk to implementers of having a confusing range of non-interoperable and resource-intensive systems to choose from. This text reflects the evolving design statement being developed within the FAIRsFAIR4 project.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 20 apr. 2021


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