CLARIN metadata best practices, curation and support​

Twan Goosen, Susanne Haaf, M. Windhouwer

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The CLARIN community is gradually switching to CMDI 1.2 as more and more of its features are supported by the infrastructure. At this bazaar stall the CMDI task force is available to answer any questions you have about the use of component metadata in CLARIN. Also they are glad to dicuss the best practices guide, which is under continuous development. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions in this regard. The best practice guide is developed by the CMDI task force in close cooperation with the Metadata Curation task force. Tooling and workflow for metadata curation in the CLARIN infrastructure is under active developement, and we are happy to discuss issues and recieve any feedback on this topic as well.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 09 okt. 2018


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