Classifying KOSs: The Use of Dahlberg’s ICC in the DANS KOS Observatory (KOSo)

Gerard Coen, Richard P. Smiraglia, P.K. Doorn, A.M. Scharnhorst

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This paper describes the theoretical framework and methodological workflow to classify Knowledge Organization Systems (KOSs). As part of this research a KOS Observatory has been set up which currently contains about 132 KOS from various disciplines, primarily social sciences, humanities and life sciences. The DANS KOS Observatory (KOSo) partly integrates and partly complements existing KOS registries. This research project is innovative on two different grounds. It represents a first attempt to consistently classify KOS using the Information Coding Classification. Second, the observatory is set up in a way to support long term data archiving (including the archiving of related KOS), hence it supports data curation both during research and during long term preservation. With the KOS Observatory (KOSo) reconstruction and study of the evolution of KO (Knowledge Organization) systems becomes possible, but it is also of immediate practical importance for researchers searching for relevant KOS for their research question and for data managers at research data archives in their routines to check the quality of submitted data collections. This paper focus on the workflow to classify the KOS in the KOSo.
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StatusNiet gepubliceerd - 20 jun. 2019


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