CMDI 1.2: Improvements in the CLARIN Component Metadata Infrastructure

Twan Goosen, M. Windhouwer, Odrun Ohren, Axel Herold, Thomas Eckart, Matej Durco, Oliver Schonefeld

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This article reports about the on-going work on a new version of the metadata framework Component Metadata Infrastructure (CMDI), central to the CLARIN infrastructure. Version 1.2 introduces a number of important changes based on the experience gathered in the last five years of intensive use of CMDI by the digital humanities community, addressing problems encountered, but also introducing new functionality. Next to the consolidation of the structure of the model and schema sanity, new means for lifecycle management have been introduced aimed at combatting the observed proliferation of components, new mechanism for use of external vocabularies will contribute to more consistent use of controlled values and cues for tools will allow improved presentation of the metadata records to the human users. The feature set has been frozen and approved, and the infrastructure is now entering a transition phase, in which all the tools and data need to be migrated to the new version.
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TitelSelected Papers from the CLARIN 2014 Conference, October 24-25, 2014, Soesterberg, The Netherlands
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