Colonial Children Connected

Geertje Mak (Ontwikkelaar)

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Many if not most colonial ‘civilizing’ projects involved practices and policies to disconnect children from their parents, families, and communities. Via (boarding) schools, orphanages, foster-care, adoption or day-care, religious colonial institutions attempted to distance colonized children from what they saw as the ‘danger’ or ‘evils’ of the children’s culture, religion and way of life.

Archives pertaining to these forms of child separation were often scattered – over colonizing country and colonized territory, as well as over different institutions or organizations involved. This ‘colonial heritage gap’ as well as the complexity of archival research required professional historical crafts to re-connect fragments of stories of children who were disconnected from their families. The CCC project aims to bridge these professional findings with public interests.

Such archival fragments tend to frame the children’s stories from institutional or governmental perspectives. The CCC website presents this material in such a way that the child’s life is placed centre stage. We thereto attempt to piece the snippets of information around one child together. However, we also acknowledge the silences and questions these fragments are haunted with. And we wholeheartedly ask members of the public to contact us when they can help us filling in those gaps with the experiences and stories of the children involved in oder to connect stories, experiences and archival records.
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