Combining Tools with Linked Data: a Social History Example

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This papers presents a workflow on how to link, retrieve and create data for historical research in a Linked Data format. Through this workflow, one can create a ’web of data’ that contains a representation of all the things that are relevant to a particular history research project. For example, the workflow can accommodate publications and archival sources (linked to online catalogues or retrieved from data set providers and registered in Zotero, Tropy and Recogito) and organizations, persons and songs (created with CoW and burgerLinker). As an example a 19th century labour history project is presented on the development of collective action among print labourers. While describing the workflow, the paper advocates the use of Linked Data and investigates how well tools are equipped to realize interoperable data with this technique, using the three Linked Data principles introduced by Tim Berners-Lee in 2009.
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