Crowds for Clouds: Recent Trends in Humanities Research Infrastructures

Conny Kristel, Tobias Blanke, Laurent Romary

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Humanities have convincingly argued that they need transnational research opportunities and through the digital transformation of their disciplines also have the means to proceed with it on an up to now unknown scale. The digital transformation of research and its resources means that many of the artifacts, documents, materials, etc. that interest humanities research can now be combined in new and innovative ways. Due to the digital transformations, (big) data and information have become central to the study of culture and society. Humanities research infrastructures manage, organise and distribute this kind of information and many more data objects as they becomes relevant for social and cultural research.
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TitelCultural Heritage Infrastructures in Digital Humanities
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2017

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NaamDigital Research in the Arts and Humanities


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