D4.2 : Interrogation and annotation of plurilingual corpora for discourse analysis (V1.0 )

Rocco Tripodi, Eleanora Marzi, Arianna Graciotti, Valeria Zotti, Antonella Luporini, Monica Turci, Ana Pano Alaman, Peter Van Kranenburg, Rene Scharnhorst Andrea Van Horik, Enrico Daga, Marilena Daquino

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The deliverable reports on the annotation and interrogation of the Polifonia Textual Corpus, the plurilingual diachronic corpus focused on Musical Heritage (MH) covering Italian, English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques were used to process the corpus and produce automatic morphosyntactic, semantic and MH-specific annotations. Custom APIs have been developed and released to enable domain experts, scholars and music professionals to leverage the annotations produced to perform advanced structured queries on the corpus. The available interrogation capabilities overcome the basic keyword-based search, offering the possibility of querying the corpus by taking advantage of the advanced semantic and MH-specific information encoded in the annotation.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 01 sep. 2022
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