D5.1 Stakeholder mapping

Guido Schmidt, Christine Matauschek, Lisette de Senerpont Domis (Bijdrager), Heidi Lehtiniemi (Bijdrager), Thibault Datry (Bijdrager), Nuria Bonada (Bijdrager), Zoltán Csabai (Bijdrager), Marko Miliša (Bijdrager), Petr Pařil (Bijdrager), Heikki Mykrä (Bijdrager)

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In our project, a stakeholder is an institution or person who is either interested in or using any of the
ecosystem services provided by the river network. This means anyone who is connected to the river
network, or the Case Study area can be important and useful for the development of solutions for
mitigating pressures compromising Drying River Network (DRN) service provisioning. However, not all
of them are necessarily relevant for the project. Stakeholders might decline engagement because of
limited resources and interests or might only be interested in a part of the project. To ensure that all
relevant stakeholders are identified and engaged, a stakeholder mapping exercise is included in the
project’s activities (i.e. Task 5.4.1), with the aim to provide strategies to engage the most relevant
stakeholders properly in the project.
The exercise was developed jointly by Fresh-Thoughts Consulting GmbH (FT) and the Case Study lead
partners of DRYvER. Case study leads provided a first list of stakeholders which they had identified,
based on an initial list of stakeholder types expected for river ecosystems. Then, Fresh-Thoughts
approached these stakeholders and carried out interview with all those interested and available; and
developed the present analysis and recommendations, which have been revised by the Case Study
leads before submission of the Deliverable.
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