D6.3 Established Competence Centre for Variety of Communities

Gabin Kayumbi-Kabeya, Elizabeth Newbold, Linas Cepinskas, Angus Whyte, Laura Molloy, Joy Davidson , Patricia Herterich , Marie-Anne Maurel, Hugh Shanahan, Bridget Walker

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This report advances the establishment of a FAIR Competence Centre as outlined in the previous two reports from WP6 of FAIRsFAIR, D6.1 “Overview of needs for Competence Centre” and D.6.2 “Initial core competence centre structure”, part of FAIRsFAIR WP6 deliverables which is concerned with the development of a competence centre as a model of engagement and support for research communities. Whilst the aforementioned reports focused, the first on the analysis of the landscape of available competence centres, and the second the set-up of the FAIR core competence centre, the present deliverable’s emphasis is put on the description of operations of the core competence centre, including initiatives aiming to identify synergies and areas of harmonisation that are required to support knowledge base development.

This is the draft version of the deliverable not yet approved by the European Commission.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 26 feb. 2021


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