DASISH Reference Model for SSH Data Infrastructures

Johan Fihn, Timo Gnadt , M.L. Hoogerwerf, Birger Jerlehag, Przemek Lenkiewicz, M. Priddy, John Shepherdson

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The current ”rising tide of scientific data” accelerates the need for e-infrastructures to support the lifecycle of data in research, from creation to reuse [RTW]. Different types of e-infrastructures address this need. Consortia like GÉANT and EGI build technical infrastructures for networking and grid computing whereas social sciences & humanities (SSH) consortia like ESS, SHARE, CESSDA, CLARIN and DARIAH build SSH research infrastructures upon such technical infrastructures, providing services to support digital research within the social sciences and the humanities. These services vary from online survey tools and repositories for creating and preserving data to resolvers and authentication services for enabling seamless access to different services or data.Together these services form a data infrastructure. Apart from building and maintaining such data infrastructure, important functions of research infrastructures include e.g. standardisation and engagement.
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UitgeverijEuropean Commission
StatusGepubliceerd - 2016

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