Delta for Middle Dutch—Author and Copyist Distinction in Walewein

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The Middle Dutch Arthurian romance Roman van Walewein (‘Romance of Gawain’) is attributed in the text itself to two authors, Penninc and Vostaert. Very little quantitative research into this dual authorship has been done. This article describes our progress in applying different non-traditional authorship attribution methods to the text of Walewein. After providing an introduction to the romance and an overview of earlier research, we evaluate previous statements on authorship and stylistics by applying both Yule's measure of lexical richness and Burrows's Delta. To find out whether these new methods would confirm or even enhance our present knowledge about the differences between the two authors, we applied an adapted version of John Burrows's Delta procedure. The adapted version seems to be able to distinguish the double authorship of the romance. It also helps us to confirm some and to reject other earlier statements about the position in the text where the second author started his work.
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