Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Nonja Peters, Dora Marinova, M. van Faassen, Glen Stasiuk

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The focus of this chapter is the state of the art of digitisation of cultural heritage in Australian archives and libraries from a comparative perspective. Globalisation, mobility and the new techniques that spin off from the digital age bring about new possibilities that stimulate and enhance our capacity to ask new questions about how we perceive ourselves and how we want to preserve our history. It also seeks to make this archival documentation accessible to scholars and community members alike looking for their own family’s history in its societal context- within and across the national borders that hold their records. As migration in all its forms can be seen as a metaphor for the journey of the self and the collective, migrant heritage can also serve as a way to prioritize digitisation projects in cultural heritage institutions. However, more global collaboration and partnerships are needed to achieve this "virtual connect" the cross-national scattered nature of migrant histories and heritage held in archives around the world.
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