Diversity of Sporocadaceae (pestalotioid fungi) from Rosa in China

C. Peng, P.W. Crous, N. Jiang, X.L. Fan, Y.M. Liang, C.M. Tian

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Rosa (Rosaceae) is an important ornamental and medicinal plant genus worldwide, with several species being cultivated in China. Members of Sporocadaceae (pestalotioid fungi) are globally distributed and include endophytes, saprobes but also plant pathogens, infecting a broad range of host plants on which they can cause important plant diseases. Although several Sporocadaceae species were recorded to inhabit Rosa spp., the taxa occurring on Rosa remain largely unresolved. In this study, a total of 295 diseased samples were collected from branches, fruits, leaves and spines of eight Rosa species (R. chinensis, R. helenae, R. laevigata, R. multiflora, R. omeiensis, R. rugosa, R. spinosissima and R. xanthina) in Gansu, Henan, Hunan, Qinghai, Shaanxi Provinces and the Ningxia Autonomous Region of China. Subsequently 126 strains were obtained and identified based on comparisons of DNA sequence data. Based on these results 15 species residing in six genera of Sporocadaceae were delineated, including four known species (Pestalotiopsis chamaeropis, Pes. rhodomyrtus, Sporocadus sorbi and Spo. trimorphus) and 11 new species described here as Monochaetia rosarum, Neopestalotiopsis concentrica, N. subepidermalis, Pestalotiopsis tumida, Seimatosporium centrale, Seim. gracile, Seim. nonappendiculatum, Seim. parvum, Seiridium rosae, Sporocadus brevis, and Spo. spiniger. This study also represents the first report of Pes. chamaeropis, Pes. rhodomyrtus and Spo. sorbi on Rosa. The overall data revealed that Pestalotiopsis was the most prevalent genus, followed by Seimatosporium, while Pes. chamaeropis and Pes. rhodomyrtus were the two most prevalent species. Analysis of Sporocadaceae abundance on Rosa species and plant organs revealed that spines of R. chinensis had the highest species diversity.
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