Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics: Website [Beta]

Vyacheslav Tykhonov (Ontwikkelaar), Gijs Kessler, Andrei Markevich, Jerry de Vries (Ontwikkelaar)

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The Electronic Repository for Russian Historical Statistics brings together data extracted from various published and unpublished sources in one place. Its principal focus is Russian economic and social history of the last three centuries (18th-21st).

The repository caters to the needs of the scholarly community, of teachers and students in the social sciences and humanities in higher education, and aims to provide the basis for an informed public debate on Russia's past and present social and economic performance. Data are available online for all interested users, free of charge.

The repository provides regional level data for the territory of the current Russian Federation over the last two centuries (1800-2000), standardised to facilitate access and to enable comparative research over time and across space. Data are gathered on a standard programme, along seven principal lines of inquiry (population, labour, industrial output, agricultural output, services, capital, land) and for five cross-sections of Russian history (1795, 1858, 1897, 1959, 2002).
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UitgeverInternational Institute of Social History
StatusGepubliceerd - 01 okt. 2014


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