EOSC Policy Brief for FAIR-IMPACT

Vasso Kalaitzi, Ingrid Dillo, Daniel Turner, Kevin Ashley, Joy Davidson, Josefine Nordling, Jessica Parland-von Essen, Clement Jonquet, Sophie Aubin, Mike Priddy, M. L Verburg (Maaike), Anne-Sofie Fink, Olivier Rouchon, Sara Pittonet, Marialetizia Mari, Rita Meneses

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FAIR-IMPACT has the ambitious goal of realising an EOSC of FAIR data and services by supporting the implementation of FAIR-enabling practices, tools and services across scientific communities and at national, European and institutional level. The project places its focus on persistent identifiers (WP3), metadata and ontologies (WP4) metrics, guidelines and certification (WP5) and interoperability (WP6) in line with the respective EOSC SRIA action areas. This process of identifying practices, policies, tools and technical specifications to guide a wide spectrum of stakeholders groups starts with real-life use cases integrated in the project’s structure across the social sciences and humanities, the photon and neutron sciences, life sciences, and agri-food and environmental sciences. These efforts are supported by wide synchronisation, engagement and communication activities, including open calls for cascading grants and in-kind support to specific stakeholders. The relation between FAIR-IMPACT’s contribution and the most relevant Operational Objectives and Action Areas of the EOSC SRIA are mapped.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 17 aug. 2023


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