Erasmus' Paraphrases on the New Testament: Introduction

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In 1516 Erasmus published his new Latin translation of the New Testament. After that
he started to write his paraphrases of all books, except Apocalypse. This introduction
gives a state of the art. It will be first discussed when and where Erasmus wrote
his paraphrases, which were composed between May 1517 and January 1524 when he
was also reworking his Novum Instrumentum/ Novum Testamentum. The next issue
treated is what kind of work they are, being a kind of commentary, but also an aid
for preachers to bring the New Testament to their audience. This is related to the aim
Erasmus had with his ‘New Testament project’: to advance the philosophia Christi and
Christian piety, and his intended or implied readership, theologians. He used several
sources to bring his interpretations of the biblical stories in line with the exegetical
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