Exploring the interactions between algae and archaea

Jie Lian, Dayu Zou, Lukas M. Trebuch, Changhai Duan, Meng Li* (Co-auteur)

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Algae and archaea co-exist in diverse aquatic ecosystems and play a significant role in ecological functions and biogeochemical cycles. Compared to well-studied algal–bacterial interactions, there is a lack of information on algal–archaeal interactions and how their interactions affect their physiological fitness and nutrient cycles in either artificial cultivation systems or natural environments. The vast archaeal biodiversity, as indicated by genomic sequencing and computational approaches, has stimulated great interest in exploring uncultivated archaea to expand our knowledge of algae-archaea symbiosis. In this review, we summarize the latest studies on the diversity of algae-associated archaea and their (putative) symbiotic interactions, highlight the effects of algal–archaeal interactions on biogeochemical cycles and extend such knowledge to facilitate novel archaeal isolation and a broad range of algae-based biotechnological applications.

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TijdschriftMarine Life Science and Technology
StatusGepubliceerd - 08 apr. 2024


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