Extraction Methods, Variability Encountered in

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Synonyms Bias in DNA extractions methods; Variation in DNA extraction methods Definition The variability in extraction methods is defined as differences in quality and quantity of DNA observed using various extraction protocols, leading to differences in outcome of microbial community composition assessments using genomic approaches. Introduction Microbial communities are at the very basis of life on Earth, catalyzing biogeochemical reactions and driving global nutrient cycles (Falkowski et al. 2008). As yet, they are not on the global biodiversity conservation agenda, implying that microbial diversity is not under any threat by anthropogenic disturbance or climate change. However, this maybe a misconception caused by the rudimentary knowledge we have concerning microbial communities in their natural habitats as compared to the knowledge we have on plants and animals. The inability to culture the vast majority of microbes present in ecosystems prevents the detailed study of their ecology an
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