Flexible Metadata Schemes for Research Data Repositories

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This paper presents how DANS, which participates in the CLARIAH+ project, works on a Common Framework which makes it possible to expose CMDI metadata via a DANS discovery service. The Common Framework refers to discussions in CLARIN about integrating standards in Dataverse. This paper informs CLARIAH+ about the explorations of the envisioned use of the Common Framework and reports about the possibilities and challenges of the interoperability of these metadata schemes. The challenges faced are: First, a proposal of a core set of CMDI metadata as recommendation. Second, the extraction of CMDI metadata and transform and load the metadata fields into the Dataverse core set of metadata. Third, a workflow for prediction and linking concepts from external controlled vocabularies to CMDI metadata values. Fourth, the extension of the Common Framework with support for FAIR controlled vocabularies to create FAIR metadata. Fifth, the extension of the export functionality of Dataverse to export deposited CMDI metadata back to the original CMDI format.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 27 sep. 2021
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