From inception to exploitation: research trails in biotechnology start-ups

T. Gurney, E. Horlings, P.A.A. Van den Besselaar

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The pathway of an idea generated in academic and exploited in industry is complex. For start-ups located in Science Parks, the skills and knowledge acquired during previous research needs to be successfully exploited. In this study we collect patent and publication data on single-site start-ups and their founders, located in the Leiden Bioscience Park. Using these data we examine in detail the contributions of the founders’ host universities, other firms located in the Science Park, and the internationalism characteristics of the firms’ collaborations pre- and post-incorporation. We link the patent applications of the firms to the firm founders’ publication through the literature cited by the patent applications. We find that the sample set of firms incorporate, in addition to their own continued streams, new streams of academic research with their technological output with publishing and patenting partners varying according to their proximity to the park.
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TitelTranslational twists and turns: Science as a socio-economic endeavor
SubtitelProceedings of STI 2013. 18th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators. Berlin, Germany, September 4-6, 2013
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