Generic names in Magnaporthales

Ning Zhang, Jing Luo, Amy Y. Rossman, Takayuki Aoki, Izumi Chuma, Pedro W. Crous, Ralph Dean, Ronald P. de Vries, Nicole Donofrio, Kevin D. Hyde, Marc-Henri Lebrun, Nicholas J. Talbot, Didier Tharreau, Yukio Tosa, Barbara Valent, Zonghua Wang, Jin-Rong Xu

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    The order Magnaporthales comprises about 200 species and includes the economically and scientifically important rice blast fungus and the take-all pathogen of cereals, as well as saprotrophs and endophytes. Recent advances in phylogenetic analyses of these fungi resulted in taxonomic revisions. In this paper we list the 28 currently accepted genera in Magnaporthales with their type species and available gene and genome resources. The polyphyletic Magnaporthe 1972 is proposed for suppression, and Pyricularia 1880 and Nakataea 1939 are recommended for protection as the generic names for the rice blast fungus and the rice stem rot fungus, respectively. The rationale for the recommended names is also provided. These recommendations are made by the Pyricularia/Magnaporthe Working Group established under the auspices of the International Commission on the Taxonomy of Fungi (ICTF).
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