GLOBALISE: A Plurivocal Approach to Unlocking Colonial Sources: Digital Humanities Benelux 2023

Lodewijk Petram, L. van Wissen, Sophie Arnoult, Sterre Berentzen, Tanne van den Berg, Arno Bosse, Femke Brink, Maartje Hids, Manjusha Kuruppath, Ruben Land, Mrinalini Luthra, Brecht Nijman, Kay Pepping, Merve Tosun, Henrike Vellinga, Stella Verkijk, Matthias van Rossum

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This poster introduces GLOBALISE (General Letters Ontology-Based AccessibiLity InfraStructurE, 2022-2026). This innovative and interdisciplinary project, funded by the Dutch Research Council, aims to unlock the key series of documents and reports in the archives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) for advanced new research methods. This archival series of more than 5 million handwritten pages, kept in the Dutch National Archives in The Hague, is of irrefutable value for reconstructing the history of the vast region around the Indian Ocean and Indonesian archipelago where the VOC was active from 1602 until 1798. For some regions, documents in the VOC archives are among the earliest written historical sources.GLOBALISE is a collaboration of the Huygens Institute with the International Institute of Social History, the Digital Infrastructure Department of the KNAW Humanities Cluster, the Computational Linguistics & Text Mining Lab of VU University, the CREATE program of the University of Amsterdam, and the Dutch National Archives. It is funded by the Dutch Research Council, within the framework of the Research Infrastructure: national consortia program. The project is made up of a young and diverse team of early-career and senior interdisciplinary researchers and developers.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 01 jun. 2023
EvenementDHBenelux 2023 - KBR, Brussels, België
Duur: 31 mei 202302 jun. 2023


ConferentieDHBenelux 2023
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