Groenewaldia (Lentitheciaceae), a new corticolous fungal genus from India

K. C. Rajeshkumar, Rajnish K. Varma, Onden Paraparath Sruthi, Ajay Kumar Gautam, Pedro W. Crous

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North-western India is well-known for its unique fungal biodiversity, especially for asexual Ascomycota. The present study introduces yet another new fungus from this region, characterized by forming unusual synnemata-like structures that give rise to pigmented dictyoconidia. Phylogenetic analyses, based on SSU, LSU, ITS, and TEF1α sequence data revealed that this unique synnematous fungus formed a distinct lineage within Lentitheciaceae. Groenewaldia gen. nov., based on Groenewaldia indica, is introduced here for this fungus isolated from the bark of Eucalyptus tereticornis collected in the Hoshiyarpur area of the state of Punjab. Groenewaldia is the first synnematous member of Lentitheciaceae, having dictyosporous conidia. Phylogenetically, Groenewaldia is distant from all known genera of Lentitheciaceae and forms a basal lineage adjacent to Pseudomurilentithecium.
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TijdschriftMycological Progress
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StatusGepubliceerd - 23 mei 2023


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