How Can Online Book Reviews Validate Empirical In-depth Fiction Reading Typologies?

Marijn Koolen*, Olivia Fialho, Julia Neugarten, Joris J. van Zundert, Willem van Hage, Ole Mussmann, P. Boot

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Online book reviews offer a valuable large-scale resource for studying how books affect readers. We verify whether the findings of empirical typologies of in-depth fiction reading apply to online book reviews. We ask whether the same linguistic characteristics that typify in-depth reading experiences apply to online Dutch book reviews and whether the poetics of reading differ across reviewing platforms and across reviewers. A corpus of 634,607 online Dutch book reviews from seven platforms is probed. Results show reviews across different platforms are similar in their distributions of syntactic features and all types of word groups related to sentiment, cognition, space, time and motion, but textual characteristics of online
reviews change in relation to length, corroborating previous findings (Fialho, 2012).
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2023
EvenementIGEL 2023: Rhythm, Speed, Path: Spatiotemporal Experiences in Narrative, Poetry, and Drama - Diocesan Museum, Monopoly, Italië
Duur: 28 sep. 202330 sep. 2023
Congresnummer: 19th


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