Identification of an l-Arabitol Transporter from Aspergillus niger.

Jiali Meng, Miia R Mäkelä, Ronald P de Vries

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l-arabitol is an intermediate of the pentose catabolic pathway in fungi but can also be used as a carbon source by many fungi, suggesting the presence of transporters for this polyol. In this study, an l-arabitol transporter, LatA, was identified in Aspergillus niger. Growth and expression profiles as well as sugar consumption analysis indicated that LatA only imports l-arabitol and is regulated by the arabinanolytic transcriptional activator AraR. Moreover, l-arabitol production from wheat bran was increased in a metabolically engineered A. niger mutant by the deletion of latA, indicating its potential for improving l-arabitol-producing cell factories. Phylogenetic analysis showed that homologs of LatA are widely conserved in fungi.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 17 jan. 2023


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