Interfacing Literary Genesis

Elli Bleeker, Aodhán Kelly

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The article examines ways in which the principles and scholarship of genetic criticism can be communicated to an audience of non-experts, explored through the means of a case study. This takes shape in the Brulez Digital Exhibit (BDE), a result of a collaboration between different parties involved in the GLAM sector and led by the Centre for Manuscript Genetics at Antwerp. The digital museum exhibit conveys scholarship on the manuscripts of the work Sheherazade of Literatuur als Losprijs (1932) by Raymond Brulez, and has been integrated into the permanent exhibition space of the Letterenhuis, the literary archive and museum in Antwerp. The paper discusses what could be gained or learned from a collaboration with such partners during the development. It further explores the classification of the BDE as a form of interface and scholarly output of a text editing project. In conclusion, it shows how we can find new and more effective ways to increase the dissemination and outreach of the textual genetic research.
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TijdschriftSchriften des Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik
StatusGepubliceerd - 2018


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