G.C.N. Beets, J. Schippers, E.R. te Velde

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With late fertility as the main trigger and focal point, this book discusses the future of motherhood in western societies: to what extent and under what conditions are motherhood and emancipation (still) compatible? Is it possible to define an optimal time path or optimal conditions? Earlier discussions in the Netherlands on late motherhood/parenthood and the dilemma of health issues versus personal and socio-economic motives revealed that adressing this general question, immediately brings up a series of related questions in which many scientific dimensions are involved.That is why we brought together an international team of scolars and scientists from various disciplines to present and discuss their view on the relation between motherhood and emancipation and the dilemmas around late parenthood. This book consists of several chapters resulting from these consultations.
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TitelThe future of motherhood in Western societies: late fertility and its consequences
RedacteurenGijs Beets, Joop Schippers, Egbert R. te Velde
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