Introduction to Language Policies and the Politics of Language Practices

Jos Swanenberg*, Massimiliano Spotti, Jan Blommaert

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This edited Volume entitled Language policies and the politics of language practices consists of contributions stemming from the field of ethnography of education, minority language teaching and language politics more in general. Starting from past contributions hunched in a more Fishmanian ‘sociolinguistics of spread’ where the driving question has been who speaks which language to whom, where and why, the Volume shows how the study of language in society has moved toward a post-Fishmanian ‘sociolinguistics of mobility’ (Blommaert, 2010; Spotti, 2011; De Fina, 2020). At its core, there is an attempt to show and further grasp how globalization driven sociolinguistics phenomena across the globe have had an effect not only on language policy processes but also on how these policy processes and their politics are often confronted by the practices of language users in their micro-fabrics of daily interactions within the socio-cultural spaces they inhabit.

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TitelLanguage Policy(Netherlands)
UitgeverijSpringer Nature
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2021

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NaamLanguage Policy(Netherlands)
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