ISEBEL an Intelligent Search Engine for Belief Legends

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Distributed around the globe more databases of folktales, including belief legends, have come into existence. Combining them might open up new and exciting research possibilities. ISEBEL (Meertens Institute, 2019a) is a project aiming to create a search engine that makes exactly this possible by providing unified search over the participant's database, while dealing intelligently with the various languages. The following databases are currently providing their stories to the project:

the Dutch Folktale Database (Meertens Institute, 2018),
the Evald Tang Kristensen Collection (UCLA, 2018), and
the WossiDia archive (Wossidlo Institute, 2018) (Rostock).
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StatusGepubliceerd - 11 jul. 2019
EvenementDigital Humanities Conference 2019 - Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederland
Duur: 09 jul. 201912 jul. 2019


ConferentieDigital Humanities Conference 2019
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