Knowledge Maps and Information Retrieval (KMIR II)

Peter Mutschke, Andrea Scharnhorst, Philipp Mayr, Aida Slavic, Preben Hansen

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Information systems usually show as a particular point of failure the vagueness between user search terms and the knowledge orders of the information space in question. Some kind of guided searching therefore becomes more and more important in order to more precisely discover information without knowing the right search terms. Knowledge maps are promising tools for visualizing the structure of large-scale information spaces. However, there is no continuous knowledge exchange between the “map makers” on the one hand and the Information Retrieval (IR) specialists on the other hand. Thus, knowledge maps are still far away from being applicable for searching a digital library, due to a lack of models, explorations and user studies that properly combine insights of the two strands. The workshop aims at bringing together these two communities: experts in IR reflecting on visual enhanced search interfaces and experts in knowledge mapping reflecting on interactive visualizations of the content of a digital library collection. The focus of the workshop is to discuss the potential of interactive knowledge maps for information exploration.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


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