Learning from nature: Need, challenge and implementation of eco-technology

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Global ecosystems are endangered by rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel. Biodiversity is lost at an alarming rate by expanding economies that ignore environmental degradation. When we talk about crises it is not a financial crisis we should worry about, but the loss of resources and life on earth. There is an increasing need to change from a linear, resource destroying, take-make-waste economy towards a circular economy. But crises create room for innovations. Nature can teach us valuable lessons for the transition towards a different economy. After all, our planet has functioned for more than 3 billion years without us in a sustainable way. Ecologists can preach these wise lessons but it is even better when they practice them. Sustainable innovations, inspired by nature, are the promises and challenges of the future. In this lecture I will present an overview of some eco-technological applications, including Plant Microbial Fuel Cells, in our new sustainable building.
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