Making the Dictionary of the Frisian Language available in the Dutch historical dictionary portal

Katrien Depuydt, Jesse de Does, P. Duijff, H. Sijens

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The main goal of the GTB-WFT project was to publish the the monumental Dictionary of the Frisian Language GTB-WFT (Wurdboek fan 'e Fryske Taal, WFT) in the CLARIN research infrastructure, according to open, CLARIN-compliant standards. This has been achieved by 1) curation of the dictionary data, resulting in a wellstructured TEI-conformant encoding and 2) publication of the dictionary in the INL dictionary portal, together with the main historical dictionaries of Dutch. The project was carried out by two Clarin partners, the Fryske Akademy in Leeuwarden and the INL, the Dutch Institute for Lexicology in Leiden.
The dictionary has been online now for more than five years and has served many users, assisting both researchers and general users interested in the Frisian language. In this paper we look back on the project and discuss the use of the dictionary application by analyzing the retrieval application logs and by providing a use case, exemplifying how the dictionary can be used for historical lexicographical research. The paper concludes with some suggestions for the improvement and enhancement of the online version of the WFT.
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