Measuring out-of-pocket expenditures for sexual and reproductive health

F.J.C. Willekens, E. Beekink

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The monitoring of financial flows for population and AIDS activities (the main aim of the Resource Flows Project) includes the tracking of financial transactions for SRH. Households are important financing sources and a growing need exists for data on how much households spend on health, either directly or indirectly. This newsletter examines, partly based upon existing literature and partly upon field experiences, ways to collect useful data. We include useful references to the literature. The structure of the newsletter is as follows. Section 2 briefly discusses the concept of out-of-pocket expenditures (OOPE). Section 3 lists a number of sources that may contain information on OOPE for health care. When the information contained in these sources are adequate, complex and expensive OOPE surveys are not required. Section 4 discusses OOPE surveys. Section 5 concludes the paper. The Newsletter is based on the UNFPA/NIDI Resource Flows Project (2008). 2
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TijdschriftResource Flows Newsletter
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2008


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