Meeting report: The first soil viral workshop 2022

Živilė Buivydaitė* (Co-auteur), Laxman Aryal, Felipe Borim Corrêa, Tingting Chen, Valérie Langlois, Christine Lorenzen Elberg, Tarquin Netherway, Ruiqi Wang, Tianci Zhao, Basistha Acharya, Joanne B. Emerson, Luke Hillary, Ram B. Khadka, Kyle Mason-Jones, Rumakanta Sapkota, Suvi Sutela, Gareth Trubl, Richard Allen White, Anne Winding, Cátia Carreira

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Soil viral ecology is a growing research field; however, the state of knowledge still lags behind that of aquatic systems. Therefore, to facilitate progress, the first Soil Viral Workshop was held to encourage international scientific discussion and collaboration, suggest guidelines for future research, and establish soil viral research as a concrete research area. The workshop took place at Søminestationen, Denmark, between 15 and 17th of June 2022. The meeting was primarily held in person, but the sessions were also streamed online. The workshop was attended by 23 researchers from ten different countries and from a wide range of subfields and career stages. Eleven talks were presented, followed by discussions revolving around three major topics: viral genomics, virus-host interactions, and viruses in the soil food web. The main take-home messages and suggestions from the discussions are summarized in this report.
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TijdschriftVirus Research
StatusGepubliceerd - 01 jul. 2023


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