Migration patterns and immigrant characteristics in North-Western Europe

H.A.G. de Valk, C.C. Huisman, K. Noam-Zuidervaart

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This document is part of the United Nations Development Account project “Strengthening national capacities to deal with international migration: maximizing development benefits and minimizing negative impacts”. The study aims to provide an overview of migration patterns and characteristics of immigrants in north-western Europe. Four countries are included: the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. The report starts with a general introduction and overview of migration and migrants in north-western Europe. Four aspects are studied in more detail and special attention is paid to African and Latin American migrants. The second section covers first of all immigration in the identified countries. Recent statistical flow data from each of the countries are used. The aim was to enhance comparison as much as possible within a context of limited data availability. In the third part patterns of settlement as well as characteristics of immigrant groups are analyzed to get a more advanced insight in the characteristics of residing immigrants. The fourth section focuses on children of immigrant origin. The position and the demographic behavior of the second generation will be increasingly important for Europe’s population developments. It is therefore relevant to know more on children of immigrants within the frame of this study. Based on existing studies and material an overview of the position in which these children are growing up is given. In the fifth part the ageing of immigrant groups in the selected countries is studied. Ageing is one of the challenges for many north-western European societies. Now and in the near future the ageing of immigrant populations is increasingly important. A literature study is conducted for the different countries. In the final section the findings from the study are evaluated and important aspects of immigration and settlement are discussed in light of current and future developments.
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