Moss-inhabiting diatom communities from Heard Island, sub-Antarctic

B. VandeVijver, L. Beyens, S. Vincke, N.J.M. Gremmen

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    In this paper, we list 192 diatom taxa, collected from bryophyte samples from Heard Island (52degrees05'S, 73degrees30'E). The Heard Island diatom flora shows a marked similarity to those of the Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagos, and is quite dissimilar to the moss-dwelling diatom flora of Macquarie and Amsterdam Island. Based on species composition, three main groups of samples could be discerned. Each group represents a different habitat. Samples dominated by Diadesmis ingeae, Pinnularia borealis and several Psammothidium species seem to prefer the driest habitats. A special form of this community was found in shaded areas. Samples from wet habitats such as flush areas and pools were dominated by species such as Adlafia bryophila, Sellaphora tumida, Fragilaria capucina and Planothidium lanceolatum. An intermediate group was observed in more acid, but terrestrial, conditions, characterised by Eunotia paludosa and Chamaepinnularia soehrensis var. muscicola. These community patterns are similar to those found on other sub-Antarctic islands, and we suggest that a group of typical sub-Antarctic species and communities exists. [KEYWORDS: POSSESSION CROZET ARCHIPELAGO; FRESH-WATER DIATOMS; STROMNESS BAY AREA; EAST ANTARCTICA; SOUTH GEORGIA; FLORA; LAKES; SUBANTARCTICA; DIADESMIS; DIVERSITY]
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    TijdschriftPolar Biology
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2004


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