Neocosmospora perseae sp. nov., causing trunk cankers on avocado in Italy

Vladimiro Guarnaccia, Marcelo Sandoval, Dalia Aiello, Giancarlo Polizzi, P.W. Crous

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Trunk and branch cankers are among the most important diseases compromising avocado production worldwide. A novel species, Neocosmospora perseae sp. nov. is described isolated from trunk lesions on Persea americana in the main avocado producing area of Sicily, Italy. The new species is characterised using a polyphasic approach including morphological characters and a multilocus molecular phylogenetic analysis based on partial sequences of the translation elongation factor-1α, the internal transcribed spacer regions plus the large subunit of the rDNA cistron, and the RNA polymerase II second largest subunit. Pathogenicity tests and the fulfilment of Koch’s postulates confirm N. perseae as a novel canker pathogen of Persea americana.
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Pagina's (van-tot)131-140
TijdschriftFungal Systematics and Evolution
StatusGepubliceerd - 26 mrt 2018


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