New Beginnings: Using Keystroke Logging For Literary Writing

Floor Buschenhenke, Lamyk Bekius

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Our project studies the implications of the largely digital creative processes of present-day literary writers for textual scholarship's theories and methodologies. This poster presentation examines a born-digital literary story and shows how keystroke logging data provided by Inputlog can help interpret revisions made during the writing process. It focusses both on small revisions and on the construction of the beginning of the story (incipit) and tries to examine whether the small revisions can be linked to the changes made in the opening passage. We will study both the versions of the text and the process data from Inputlog; we cannot only see which revisions were made to create the ultimate incipit but also when – in the complete writing process.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 10 jul. 2019
EvenementDigital Humanities Conference 2019 - Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Nederland
Duur: 09 jul. 201912 jul. 2019


ConferentieDigital Humanities Conference 2019
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