NIOD REWIND Episode 10: On the nature and uses of 'extreme' violence​

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In episode 10 of NIOD REWIND, Anne van Mourik talks with Roel Frakking on the term 'extreme violence' and the importance of local dynamics in researching decolonisation conflict. Roel is a postdoc researcher at the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (KITLV, Leiden) where he is researching the regional dynamics of the Indonesian war against Dutch recolonisation (1945-1950). His latest publication, co-authored with Professor Martin Thomas (Exeter), deals with the micro-dynamics of violence during decolonization conflicts in Southeast Asia and Africa after 1945​ in the Low Countries Historical Review 135, 2 (2020).
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UitgeverNIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies
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