NIOD REWIND Episode 31: Between Community and Collaboration

Anne van Mourik (Ontwikkelaar), Laurien Vastenhout (Overig)

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Why does the Jewish Council phenomenon remain such a controversial topic? Anne van Mourik speaks with Laurien Vastenhout on her new book ‘Between Community and Collaboration: “Jewish Councils” in Western Europe under Nazi Occupation’ (Cambridge University Press). What were differences and similarities between the ‘Jewish Councils’ across occupied Western Europe? What room for manoeuvre did the Jewish leaders have, and what impact did local factors have on the form and function of these Councils? We talk about the importance of comparative analyses, socio-historical conditions in Western Europe during the war, and many other themes.
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UitgeverNIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies
Outputmediaaudio recording (online)
StatusGepubliceerd - 24 feb. 2023


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